A Few New Local Farm Families Supporting Flora Bama Farms

Did you miss me?  It has been a crazy busy month.  However, I did not want to let the month go by without giving a local update.  The hot weather has put us in the mood for melons. cantaloupes, watermelons, both yellow meat, and traditional red meat.  We have a few new farm families we are working with who grows serval varieties of watermelon and cantaloupes.  Lowry Family Farm out of Chamukla and Rowell Produce out of Jay. 

Lowry Family Farm near Chamukla grows some impressive seeded watermelons.  We received some beautiful Greys that are so delicious and big.  We are sampling these melons this weekend.  Next weekend we will be getting some yellow meat melons through Lowry along with some cantaloupes.

Lowry's Farm is mostly famous for its peanuts.  Right now they have green peanuts available and we received our first delivery today.   They offer a beautiful Valencia Peanut.  Don't let the size of the shell fool you, they are well filled out.  They are beautiful nuts that will cook up quickly.  

Rowell Produce also out of Jay, Florida brought us several bins of seedless watermelons for this weekend. They grow a variety of seedless melons.  They are nice sized and delicious.   

Ray Flowers is bringing us plenty of okra.  It is beautiful and fresh, we get okra from Ray two to three times a week. Ray grows out of Summerdale, Alabama, about 30 minutes away from Flora Bama Farms.  

We are starting to get in some Cherokee Red Heirlooms out Clanton, Alabama.  This coming week we expect some Cherokee Purple Cherries.  So flavorful.  We also have some low acid yellow tomatoes that are mountain-grown out of Alabama.

Steve's Farm is still bringing us bicolor and silver corn.  We also are getting some peas from Steve.  We have butter beans, Pink Eyes and Creamers Peas available this weekend.   

We also are getting in some beautiful specialty hot peppers through Black Cat Farms out of Molino.  They grow Peachy Reapers, Lemon Drops, and Shishito.   They are beautiful on color and will give any dish a nice pop in flavor and color.  

Black Cat Farms also supplies us with a full line of Micro Greens.  Microgreens are super nutritious and super flavorful.   We mainly carry the salad blends at Flora Bama Farms but we have access to many varieties of micros such as basil, cilantro, fennel, amaranth, chervil, corn shutes, pea shutes to name just a few.  

The hot weather is causing some of our local crops to wrap up.  Peas, corn, squash, eggplant, and cucumbers are getting scarce.  Don't miss out, come shop with us.