Fidler Farms Green Peanuts

They're back by popular demand, Fidler Farms Green Peanuts.  We always get many  request for these. We will pick up our first order in the morning. We anticipate having Fidler Green Peanuts through September possibly longer.    We also carry Fidler Farms Roasted and Raw Peanuts.  

Do you know the difference between raw and green peanuts?  They are both used for boiling peanuts.  The raw peanuts are dehydrated or curred and have only 10% moisture content.  Green peanuts are just dug out of the ground and they have 35--50% moisture content.   

The green peanuts cook up in an hour or so and raw peanuts take 9--12 hours of cooking time.  We use the raw peanuts for our home made boiled peanuts.  They do take much longer but they are available year round and they cook up firmer than the green peanuts.  Many folks have a preference, some prefer the green peanut texture but just as many seem to like the raw.   No doubt everyone prefers the quicker cook time of the green peanuts.  

There are some delicous recipes out there.  Mr. Fidler has the basic boiled peanut recipe on his bag.  We offer a spicy cajun flavor pofile and salty.  

If you have never had a boiled peanut we would like to invite you to come down  and sample some.  We enjoy giving people the opportunity to try these.  Just remember they do not taste like a peanut when they are cooked. I recommend you do not think of them as a peanut.  (You many get disappointed) Think of them like a bean, that is what they taste like.   It is always fun trying them them. 

We also have plenty of local okra, eggplant, peppers, and a new delivery of Florida Watermelons are due in the morning.  

Thanks for looking!  

Hope to see you at The Farm.