Over the Weekend-- Happy Memorial Weekend

This past weekend we were proud to be apart of the World Food Championship in New Orleans. The World Food Championship is positioned as "the ultimate food sport."  There are 1500 chefs, home cooks and pro teams who compete in various food categories. We got acquainted with the World Food Championship when they were hosting a qualifying event in Orange Beach, Alabama. We were privileged to meet many passionate, food enthusiast who was excited to be competing. Many of them visited us at Flora Bama Farms for some of their secret ingredients. Billy's Bacon, C&D Mill Grits, Black Garlic Market, Amish Butter, and Cheeses were all well represented along with the full array of local fruits and vegetables that we are blessed to carry. 


These folks are serious about winning. Our own Sandy Veilleux is serious about helping them. We are all food enthusiast here at "The Farm" but Sandy is the "Foodie in Chief". Sandy, herself, has competed at the World Food Championship. This past year she was a liaison for serval chefs helping them find the perfect ingredient. Chef Robert Mansfield won first place in the steak category at the World Invitational Steak Championship, in Orange Beach. His team received the golden ticket to the food Championship in New Orleans where his team placed fourth in the world. Congratulations to team "Pigs in Zen"!!  One of their super spy ingredients was Sandy and Chef Mathew Brown's black garlic.


Black Garlic Market is the brainchild of our own Sandy Veilleux and Chef Mathew Brown. Chef Mathew started producing black garlic on a small scale at home. He purchased a small proofer and began experimenting. Chef Mathew, a food geek in his own right, was fascinated with the product and enjoyed tinkering with different techniques to enhance the texture and flavor. Sandy ( Foodie in Chief) has a very discerning pallet has always been his number one taste tester. One thing led to another and Black Garlic Market was born. Before long we built a clove shack here at Flora Bama Farms to house a larger proofer to produce more black garlic. The black garlic duo is having a great time collaborating with the likes of The Hummus Lady to produce the very popular Black Garlic Hummus. Chef Jordan at Craft Bakery uses the product to make a Black Garlic Bread. Sandy and Mathew have also joined forces with East Hill Honey. This weekend we will be introducing black garlic infused honey straws. We are excited to see what people think. 


We hope you have the opportunity to come and visit us at the market or on our online store. This is what we have available from our local farmers:


*White Devotion--We will be getting our first very local delivery of bicolor and white devotion corn. Courtesy of Mark Krupinski Farm.


*Carl Stewart- patty pan, collards, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers


*Janice Sawyer--peaches, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, spring.    



*Local Appetite- bibb and summer crisp lettuce. Tomatoes, spring onions


*Lipman Farms--tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant


* Grant King's Farm--Red and White Sweet potatoes


* Ricky Durden--kale


Chilton County and Georgia Peaches will both be available this weekend.
Athena Cantaloupes and Florida Watermelons, Florida Red Potato and Gold Potato

Alabama green plums


Hope you have a great Memorial Weekend. Please take a moment to remember the men and women who have died for our country.