The Farm of Pensacola

  • The Start of Fall

          It was a long hot summer. Finally the temperatures are backing off slightly. We are starting to see a break in the rain. It is the...
  • We Turn 10

    To help share our story we want to ask our customers to participate in some farm trivia .   To make it more interesting we are offering a $25 Farm Gift Certificate to the first person to answer the  trIvIa question corriectly.  

  • Suzanne's Garden

    She very excited about her celery and shared some with me. It was her first time growing it. The stalks are small, but the flavor is so intense and good. The crispness of fresh cut celery is hard to duplicate. I am inspired! Wouldn't it be great to offer potted celery plants in the market? 
  • Flower Power Here at The Farm

    new pop-up flower truck, Pensaflora Blooms
  • Sophie's PupCake Pantry

    Stephanie got creative, and she recognized a niche market that wasn't being filled. She knew there were other dog parents out there who would appreciate having more options to give their dogs a healthy treat.
  • The Spring Keeps Farmers on Their Toes

    It's quite the adventure for our farmers trying to judge the spring weather. We are thinking warm thoughts to send their way.
  • P&K Nursery

    We keep plenty of local raw wildflower honey on hand. Wildflower is recommended since it exposes our systems to a variety of plant pollens from our area. East Hill Honey, Morgan's Honey and Coastal Honey Farm keep us well supplied.
  • Produce RX

    For the past several months we have been honored to work with the American Heart Association and Mana Food Banks to provide nutritious food boxes for critically ill heart patients.
  • Love is in the Air

    Love is in the air.  For Valentines our chicks prefer tulips over roses this year. They are so pretty, and we love they are perennials. Roses are ...
  • 3 Sprout Farms

    Raising fruits and vegetables is a way of life for him.  He also has a background in cooking.  He combines these skills to help customers see the ease which you can add pizazz, flavor and nutrition to your dishes. There are so many flavor profiles you are bound to find something for everyone.  
  • Chef Matthew Brown's Potato Leek Soup

    Pair this creamy and comforting soup with some crusty bread  and a simple salad.  All of which, we have at The Farm.  Diner is served.  
  • It Feels Good to Be Back!!!

    Hey we missed all you guys. It’s time for us to get back to the 9-5 routine Wednesday through Saturday. Sunday 10-5.  Come join us.  New Produce c...