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The Farm of Pensacola

  • Learning About Sugar Cane First Hand

    We had a blast learning about the different varieties of sugar cane.  We sampled each one as David explained to us the differences.
  • Fall is in the AIr

    Saturday's is for Sodas
  • Sweet Breads Made by Sandy

    Today Sandy finds herself in a good spot in life.  She credits the grace of God for getting her through the struggles of the early years of building your business and having the fortitude to stick with it. 
  • The Story of C & D Stone Ground Grits and Corn Meal

     Dewy showed them the ropes  and they set out to participated at the Brewton Bueberry Festival.   After that first festival they decided Dewy may be onto something.
  • Last Week of Harvest for Local Muscadines and Scuppernongs

    They are some of the best I have ever had.  
  • Hope Grows this Sunday

    Angela is going to be here at The Farm this Sunday raising awareness and fielding any questions you may have about their family farm.
  • Asian Pear's Enchanting Lore

    In Japan, Asian pears were once believed to ward off misfortune.  Trees are planted in the front of houses and gates as a symbolic guard for the family. They are given as gifts to family and friends.  This was a tradition the missionary wanted to share. 
  • The Story of Our Farm Style Boiled Peanuts

    There are a variety of boiled peanut recipes.  We get to meet many people who enjoy cooking their own special recipe.   We all believe our blend of...
  • Slim Pickens

    The picking has been slim partly due to the extreme amount of rain.
  • The Soda Review

      If you have been to The Farm you have noticed that we have a thing for old time vintage and handcrafted sodas.   Why is that?  Obviously  they se...
  • Wild Chanterelles

    Chanterelles will reappear in the same places year after year if carefully harvested so as not to disturb the ground in which the mycelium (the vegetative part of the mushroom) grows. Some years there will grow more mushrooms, and  some years less. 
  • We're Partnering With Grubhub

    Exciting news! We are teaming up with Grubhub to offer local deliveries here in the Pensacola area.  If you don't have the time to come pic...