3 Sprout Farms


Only in business for 3 months but growing by the day.  Wyatt Musser, owner and operator, of 3 Sprouts Farms has learned so much in such a short period of time.    Wyatt produces and sells micro greens.  His business is steadily growing.   Although there are other local micro green farmers, Wyatt has discovered there is plenty of opportunity.   Many people are interested in trying and learning about the goodness of micro greens.                                                                

 We appreciate Wyatt's enthusiasm.   We also like that he reliably comes to The Farm every Sunday to spend time with our customers.  He enjoys educating and giving people the opportunity to try the many flavor profiles he offers.  Broccoli is his number one seller.  Sunflower, with its nutty flavor profile, is a close second.  He also has some spicy mixes with mustards and wasabi. 

For Valentines he will offer some Amaranth with its deep fusha pink color. For customers looking for a deep red he offers red chards and beets, to help add a nice touch to your Valentine's menu. Show your Valentine you put some thought into your special meal.  It's so easy to do with micro greens.

  Wyatt grew up on a farm.  Raising fruits and       vegetables is a way of life for him.  He also has a   background in cooking.  He combines these skills   to help customers see the ease which you can add   pizazz, flavor and nutrition to your dishes. There   are so many flavor profiles you are bound to find   something for everyone.


  Eating healthy is important to Wyatt.   He has three young children (the 3 sprouts) and it is his mission in life to teach them how to eat healthy. Microgreens go a long way in making eating heathy a little easier.  

Come by and see what We're talking about.


What's Local?  This week at The Farm:

Bibb Lettuce

Green Cabbage

Collard Greens


Carrots with tops

Green Beans (hydroponic)

Myer Lemons

Variety of microgreens Available Sunday


Florida Oranges


Honey Bells



Sweet Potatoes (Mississippi)

Jumbo Peanuts Raw

Roasted Jumbo Peanuts

Lions Mane Mushrooms

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Local Whole Milk

As always, thanks for looking. 


























of veg. year round, It is important to this dad of 3 sprouts.   He wants them to have healthy eating habits.  As we know it is not possible to get everything year-round but microgreens offer a varitey of vegtables that can be grown year-round.    Wyatt grew up on a farm and prefers the flavor of home grown fruits and vegetables. 




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