The Story of Craft Bakery's Wildest Dream

Jordan Hewes , owner of Craft Bakery is a very special lady.  She is driven by a fire inside to be the best at what she does.  Jordan is true to the name of her business.  She is a craft baker. There is no mistaking Jordan's signature style. Her artisan breads and lovely deserts taste as wonderful as they look.     

Jordan's life long dream was to own her own bakery and in 2018,  she achieved that dream.    Now in business going on three years, I sat down with Jordan and we reminisced about the beginning of her adventure. Craft Bakery is located on  North Davis Hwy, it neighbors with Ichiban and Sky Pizza in a small shopping center.    When I think about  her location it is a reflection of her, in the beginning, quiet and understated.  

 I recall sitting down with Jordan in November of 2018.  She was asking Sandy ( baker phenom herself & my business partner here at The Farm) and myself for advice on operating a wholesale business along with a retail outlet.  Retail and wholesale can complement each other quite nicely but they are two distinct businesses and should be treated as such.  You need dedicated staff for each because, although the product may be the same, the timing and the pace is totally different.  As an owner, you quickly recognize the need for structure and you develop a routine to enable yourself to switch gears between both retail and wholesale. The demands of leadership are daunting at times as you face the unique challenges of two distinct departments and their opposing schedules.


We are fortunate here at the Farm. We have myself, Barrie Williams, and Sandy Veilleux. We are the three monkeys, as Sandy likes to refer to us, who tend the day-to-day here at The Farm.    Jordan has her Mom, Paula Beery, who handles the accounting.   Jordan's girlfriend, Anna Monk,  coordinates custom orders and handles scheduling. Anna also trains and manages the baristas. Jordan  relies on Paula and Anna to help operate the 22 hour a day work schedule.   

Yes I said 22 hours a day!   In the beginning the retail store had many lulls throughout the day.   It allowed Jordan time to go out and develop a wholesale business.  We were one of her first customers, She  now boasts over 17 fine eating and retail establishments all located in the Pensacola area.    She no longer has to go out and ask for the business.  It now comes to her.    Her retail is no longer that quiet and understated establishment.  It is now bustling with regular customers.  The understated establishment also now holds the coveted title of "Best Chicken Salad" by  Inweekly Magazine Best of the Coast   


Jordan, in her wildest dreams, never thought she would be voted by the people of Pensacola for having "The Best Chicken Salad ".  She started out  pairing chicken salad with her light flakey croissants to feature on a lunch menu.   She wasn't happy with the chicken salad. There was something missing.    


It just so happens as Jordan was Launching Craft Bakery,  Mathew Brown and Sandy Veilleux were in the infancy stage of The Black Garlic Market.   Mathew and Sandy would meet Jordan at Craft for one of their many espresso fueled think tanks.    Many good product line ideas came from those early meetings.    Ideas such as using fermented black garlic skins to help produce special breads such as black garlic sourdough bread and baguettes.  The meetings  also led to inhouse kitchen experiments.  From one of those kitchen experiments Black Garlic Chicken Salad was born.   Mathew was one of Jordan's first taste testers.  


  I should not neglect mentioning Jordan helped Mathew and Sandy pioneer their very own black garlic infused honey.  They came up with it during a special trial and error testing round at Craft Bakery involving Craft Gelato which is made inhouse.  They had those creative juices flowing to prefect a black garlic  cherry gelato.  One thing led to another and black garlic infused honey was born. 

We now offer black garlic infused honey straws and 12 oz bottles  here at The Farm.  As well as Jordan's now famous  Black Garlic Chicken Salad.    We don't want to forget to mention those signature artisan breads.  Oh yeah, there here too!  

We are pleased The Farm has lended itself as a creative outlet for foodies of all walks to meet, collaborate and create. Their stories are inspiring.  We can relate to all the sweat and tears behind the triumphs.  We are here to support them, as they do us.  Nothing in life worth having is easy.  It 's nice to have company on the journey. 



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 Blueberries (Walnut Hill, Florida)  
 Butter Beans ( Walnut Hill, Florida)
Green Beans (Florida)

Corn ( Florida) Silver King and Bicolor

Cucumbers (Florida)

Eggplant ( Florida)

Peaches (Alabama)

Green Bell Peppers (Florida)

Green Snap Beans (Alabama)

Lychee ( Florida)

Red Potato ( Alabama)

Gold Potato (Alabama)

Microgreens (Pensacola)

Okra ( Alabama)

Tomatoes (Florida)

Yellow Squash (Alabama)

Zucchini (Alabama)

Watermelon (Florida)

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