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Easter is sneaking up on us again.  It is less than two weeks away falling on April 4.  We have some special items to help you celebrate the Easter Holiday. 

One of the most popular items for Easter of course, is the egg .  Did you know chicken eggs come in a variety of colors--white, cream, brown, blue or green?   This is because each chicken breed has a specific gene that affects the eggshell color.  They are so beautiful it is almost  a shame to crack and eat them.  

With Easter almost here, it's  a good time to tell you about Mo-Eggs.  Mo-Eggs is the family farm label on our Grade "A" pasture raised eggs.  Walter Mosier, his family, and  his chickens are the producers of this fine product.  His family owns a 64 acre farm in Cottondale, Florida where the chickens roam free.   He  supplements their diet with an all natural grain.  These non-GMO,  hand gathered eggs  are never introduced to any hormones, no soy, and no antibiotics.  They are nutritious as well as delicious.

Walter makes  frequent deliveries to The Farm.  He has such a positive attitude and is such an inspiration.  Back in 2018 Hurricane Michael destroyed his family dairy farm of 18 years. We have watched him work diligently together with his family remaking their  business in poultry.  You never hear Walter complain.  He arrives with our deliveries always greeting us with a big smile.  You can't help but be happy for them beating the odds and prospering.  We are proud to offer Mo-Eggs.  

Next week at The Farm come check out Moo Moo's Bakery.  She will be offering vegan and regular Bunny Boxes. They will be filled  with a variety of beautifully decorated treats such as carrot cake cookies, blondies, and signature cupcakes.   

Word is she will be signing up people interested in her decorating classes.   She will be offering a class here at The Farm!!   This should to be fun!!

This weeks CSA 

Collards  (Alabama)

Broccoli (Alabama)

Green Bell Pepper (Florida)

Eggplant (Florida)

Grapefruit (Florida)

Peanuts (Alabama)

Radishes (Alabama)

Oranges (Florida) 

Carrots (Alabama, Florida) 

Tomatoes (Florida) 

Strawberries (Florida)

  Thanks for looking! 










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