Farm Style Boiled Peanuts

Most of us  who live in the South have at least tried a boiled peanut.   However, there are people here who have not yet experienced the salty, spicy nut that now taste more like a bean.  We enjoy watching new customers coming in and tasting ours for the first time.  Over the years we have developed a following.  I have had customers tell me they are like "Crack" so addictive.  We have a lot of fun sampling our unique Farm Style Boiled Peanuts.
What makes our boiled peanuts so special?  Well, first of all we start with Fidler Farms Super Jumbo Peanuts.  Jimmy Fidler has been supplying us with green, raw and roasted peanuts since we opened our doors 2012.   He is the only farmer, to my knowledge, that grows the super jumbo peanuts in this area.  He uses a Virginia Peanut,  well known for its large meaty size. 
Jimmy grows his peanuts during the summer and he harvest them usually starting in late August and they last till November.   This is the only time of the year we are able to get his green peanuts.   Green peanuts refers to nuts that have been freshly dug and no moisture has been removed   When a new crop of peanuts is ready, some are dehydrated to last year round, that is what we call raw peanuts.   It is the raw peanuts that we use to make our boiled peanuts.  They take 9-10 hours to cook.  They make a firmer boiled peanut than the green.  The best part is we can get them all year round.   

Just about everyone I talk to, who makes their own boiled peanuts, has a special recipe.   We are no different.  We spent weeks perfecting our original recipes.    We have two recipes, one is salty and the other is our spicy Cajun. We still tweak our recipes  ever so slightly now and then.    We have one person in charge of the recipe, to help us be consistent in the flavor. 

As a result we sell around 150 lbs of boiled peanuts every week.  Sometimes much more.  We have our regulars who come with their addiction.  It is a healthy snack after all.  If you have not tried a boiled peanut, we suggest you come and try ours.  They are some of the best!
An update on English Peas.  The lack of sunny days has delayed the harvest.  We are sorry they will not be available this weekend.  We will have them for certain this coming week.  They just needed to fill out a bit more.  They are worth the wait. 
This week for our CSA:

Spring onions  (Alabama)

Cabbage  Red and Green (Alabama)

Green Beans (Florida)

Red Potatoes (Florida)

Gold Potato (Florida)

Collards and Turnips (Alabama)

Broccoli (Alabama)

Green Bell Pepper (Florida)

Eggplant (Florida)

Grapefruit (Florida)

Peanuts (Alabama)

Radishes (Alabama)

Oranges (Florida) 

Carrots (Alabama, Florida) 

Tomatoes (Florida) 

Strawberries (Florida)

Thanks for looking!

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