The Story of Our Farm Style Boiled Peanuts

There are a variety of boiled peanut recipes.  We get to meet many people who enjoy cooking their own special recipe.   We all believe our blend of ingredients is the best.  With green peanuts season upon us, I thought this is a  good time to share a little bit about the creation of our own special recipe. 

At The Farm, we use a  super jumbo raw peanut from Fidler Farms.  Green peanuts  become raw peanuts when they are dried.    We use the raw because they are available year round.  Green peanuts have a relatively short season  from late summer to late fall.  Raw makes a firmer boiled peanut than the green. 

One of the benefits of cooking with green peanuts is the cooking time. It is drastically reduced.  Most folks cook their green peanuts on average 2 hours.  Some a little longer and some less.   Using the raw peanuts, it takes us an average of 10 hours to cook our signature boiled peanuts.  We make two flavor profiles,  spicy and  salty.   

It was 9 years ago when we perfected our recipes. Having our own signature recipes was important to us.     We enlisted some help from a chef who was a good friend, Rudy Rudolph.  Many personal jokes were made as we wrote down notes, cooked and taste tested the different batches.   As you can imagine, patience was a virtue we had to learn as we obsessed over each daily round of cooking. 

With Rudy's diligence and our collective taste buds the day finally came when we all looked at each other and agreed, "this is it."  There was no question.  Even Barrie, ( the hardest to satisfy among us) was hooked.  I've been sworn to secrecy but I can share with you one interesting tidbit.   Our base recipe is the same for both our spicy and salty flavors. A little known oddity is that we use black pepper in both recipes. Something you might not pick up on.   

If you have never tried a boiled peanut, I can tell you they don't taste like a peanut once cooked.  They now  resemble a field pea or bean in a sense.  You owe it to yourself to try a good homemade boiled peanut for the first time.  There is no comparison to a home made boiled peanut such as ours.      We proudly sample out our addicting hot nuts everyday we are open here at The Farm.  Come try and bring friends. We will share in your adventure. 


Green Peanuts will be available this coming weekend. Lowery Farms

Jumbo Green Peanuts  will be available the last week of August.  Fidler Farms

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