Reflecting On the Past Year at Easter

 We find ourselves reflecting on this past year here at Easter. It was difficult for most  everyone.  If you were a business owner you found yourself rethinking your business model because COVID was a game changer.  In our case,  we found our thriving wholesale suddenly struggling.  The abruptness of it made our heads spin. We fortunately had our market and we started our website a year earlier.  We have since sold the wholesale side of the business and the market and our website are getting  a new life.  We have been given the time to focus on the market.  Thanks to the retail side, we never needed to lay off any employees.  We had plenty of work, our market was pulling us through.  
It's been a long year, but along the way, we have been supported by our customers and we have also helped support other small business and farms.  Good things have come out this challenging year. We firmly believe good things will continue to come if we look for them. We would not trade this year, because it has brought us where we are today.  
This Easter we are thinking about  the new energy and life our market has been given.    We thank our customers for their loyalty and support. 
We hope you have a wonderful Easter 
This week's CSA ( Items are subject to change due to availability):
Blueberries ( Florida) coming 
Cabbage  ( Florida and Alabama)
Celery ( Florida)
Eggplant ( Florida)
Grapefruit (Florida)
Orange (Florida)
Radishes ( Florida)
Green Beans ( Florida)
English Peas (Alabama)
Peppers ( Florida) 
Gold and Red Potato ( Florida)
Corn (Florida)
Strawberries( Florida) almost done
Tomatoes ( Florida) 

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