The Story of C & D Stone Ground Grits and Corn Meal

      Little things in life can bring such joy.   Little things like eating stone ground grits for the first time.   You really taste the corn in stone ground grits.  I remember cooking with them for the first time and being really impressed with my new discovery.    I was at the Pensacola Arts Festival and  this machine got my attention with it's popping and backfiring noises.   I learned it was a 1927 "Hit and Miss Engine".  My husband was fascinated by the old grinder engine and I was drawn to the recipe pamphlets they were giving out.  So many interesting recipes for both grits and corn meal.   They offered  more than your basic grits and corn bread recipes.    Nassau grits, with fresh tomatoes chopped, bacon crumbles,  diced ham,  freshly diced onion and peppers caught my appetite.  The directions were easy to follow.  I earned my families admiration with my new found dish. 



Dorthy and Cloyd Bruton of C&D Mill Grits started in 2001.   A dear friend, Dewy Godwin, persuaded them to consider producing grits  and corn meal  at local festivals. Dewy enjoyed working festivals and he happened to own this old "Hit and Miss Engine" used to grind corn into grits or meal.      He didn't have time to operate it. Dewy felt the Brutons would be the perfect hosts to operated this old engine at events.    However, Dorthy and Cloyd weren't so sure that folks would interested in purchasing small bags of grits or meal to tote  around at  festivals. 

  Dewy encoraged them to give it a shot.  They struck an agreement to do one event with  no obligation.  He showed them the ropes  and they set out to participate  at the Brewton Bueberry Festival.   After that first festival they decided Dewy may be onto something.

Through the years their business has flourished.      They not only participate in festivals, they also supply several  retails.  You can find them most Saturdays at the Palafox Market.     I should  also  mention several local restaurants  have discovered their stone ground grits and insist on having them on their menus. Dorthy and Cloyd are plenty busy selling and producing their stone ground grits and corn meal.  

Stone-ground grits and meal are made from whole dried corn kernels which Cloyd and Dorthy get from local farms. The difference between both products is how coarse or fine they are ground.  Because the entire kernel is ground, including the germ, stone-ground grits often have a speckled appearance, and a more course texture and rich corn flavor.

Since stone-ground grits are less processed, they are more perishable, so storing them in the refrigerator or freezer is recommended.  

When we first opened our doors here at The Farm, C & D Grits was one of our original suppliers.  We are proud to offer this unique, high quality product that is gluten free.     We look forward to scheduling an event this fall with Dorthy and Cloyd with their faithful "Hit and Miss Engine" 



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