Flower Power Here at The Farm

We welcomed a new pop-up flower truck, Pensaflora Blooms.  We are pleased to have hosted their first pop up market this past Saturday. They had a great opening day selling out of their beautiful fresh cut flowers. Mom, Stephanie Hudgens, and daughter, Kayla Conway, are teaming up on this new business venture.  Be on the lookout for this cool, one-of-a-kind flower truck. You will be seeing it here at The Farm.  Stay tuned for more information and upcoming dates. 

Yes, we have been enjoying some flower power here at The Farm. These cheerful flowers bring smiles and brighten everything up.  This week P&K Nursery is bringing us more beautiful ferns and lovely hanging baskets.  For the first time in our history, we are going to have Easter Lilies available.  Wendt Farm and Nursery will be bringing us our first delivery this week.  



Of course, everyone wants their Easter Lilies to bloom on Easter. However, this is not an easy feat.  You have to plant a certain variety of lilies that bloom around Easter.   You also have to control the growing conditions.  

To keep your Easter Lily through the holiday, choose a lily with a few already-opened blooms, and then select a sunny area in your home for its location. At night, move your plant to a cool room, and then bring it out again the next day.  Keep the soil moist but don't over water.   It's best to water in the morning and then put in a sunny area.  Check the soil daily to see if it is damp and not dry.  This type of care will extend the life of the blooms on the plant. 
Here is a helpful fact for cat lovers, such as me.  Easter Lilies is toxic to cats.  You want to be mindful if you have a feline friend who likes to chew on plants.  Keep them away. 
                                            What's in Season:
     Green Bell Peppers
     Local Eggs (Sunset Ranch, Milton)
     Green Beans
                                                 Coming Soon:
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