Jamie Clark's Chef's Blend, New Item

Jamie Clark enjoys eating a good home cooked meal. He doesn't enjoy the time and work needed to make it. Sound familiar? This was his motivation for his spoon on gourmet seasoning line, Chef's Blend.

Jamie grew up around Chesapeake Bay, he is influenced by the distinctive spice blends known for the area. His first spread, and one of the favorites, is the Maryland's Best Chesapeake. This spreadable seasoning melts into any type of seafood, pasta, or vegetable dish as it cooks. The spices marry quickly weather you microwave, pan sear, or take out of the oven.

While developing his gourmet blend line, Jamie went to a Florida Chef's Federation Trade Show to get constructive input from professional chefs. Jamie, knew he had good flavor profiles but he welcomed their expertise. They helped him tweak his recipes. The chef's loved his product. He left the trade show inspired and more energized.

Jamie now in business 10 years, does not job out the production of his six gourmet blends. He has his own production facility right here in Pensacola, FL. He personally oversees every batch. His products are available on QVC and other markets throughout Florida.

This Saturday Jamie will be here at The Farm to introduce all six of his gourmet spreads. Besides the Chesapeake his other flavors are: Taste of Italy Marsala, Everything Pesto, Savory Garlic and Herb, Rich-N-Creamy Scampi and New Orleans Best Scampi.

I should mention Chef's Blend is gluten free, low in sodium, trans fat and cholesterol free. It also has no sugar and is low calorie.

Jamie will have some delicious food for you to try this Saturday. He will show you how to make delicious home cooked meal in 15 minutes or less with is gourmet spreads. 

We hope you will come join us.

This week we have available locally:



Mushrooms (lions Maine, oyster)




Micro greens

Bibb Lettuce


Pecans ( Renfroe)

Green Beans



Sand Mountain Tomatoes



Green Bell Peppers










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