Local Appetite and Growers, Alabama Peaches

Local Appetite and Growers will be supplying us with beautiful Bibb Lettuces starting this weekend.   Carl and Will have it going on with their hydroponic green houses and organic beds. Besides lettuces, they grow a variety of leafy greens year round.   Some of their staples are kale, swiss chard, spinach,  and arugula.  They also have some off beet vegetables such as  kohlrabi,  baby rainbow carrots, gold beets and watermelon radishes to name a few.  Soon to come a rainbow of cherry and grape tomatoes.    We can’t wait to be able to offer these delicious beauties in the upcoming weeks.


We went out for a farm visit not long ago and I am so impressed with their growth.  Will and Carl only have a couple of other employees who help them care for their farm and it keeps them extremely busy.   We look forward to being able to offer more of their high quality goods as they become available.   You will be able to see and learn more about these guys and what they offer on our Facebook and Instagram.


Good news!!  We are going to be getting some early Alabama Peaches from Clanton, Al.   They are due in this Wednesday.   It was a bit unexpected being able to get some Alabama Peaches this early. These first ones are coming from Patterson Family Farm.  They will also be offering plums in a couple weeks.  


Also this week we are getting our first delivery of yellow squash and zucchini from Carl Stewarts Farm out of Bay Minette, Alabama. 


Ray Flowers will be getting us some nice green beans which have just started producing for him out of Summerdale, Alabama.


Coming soon:  Blackberries and Blueberries



Cabbage Florida, Alabama

Cantaloupe, Florida

Carrots, Florida

Cucumbers Florida

Grapefruit, Florida

Mango, Florida

Oranges, Florida

Peaches, Alabama

Green Bell Peppers, Florida

Green Snap Beans, Alabama

Bibb Lettuce, Alabama

Tomatoes, Florida

Yellow Squash, Alabama

Zucchini, Alabama

Watermelon, Florida

Thanks for looking! We hope to see you soon!



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