Meet the Okra Man, Ray Flowers

It was perfect day to go visit Ray Flowers Farm in Robertsdale, Alabama.  Ray has spent his entire life on his families 40 acre farm.  He grew up helping his parents grow and peddle okra, watermelons, peas, collards, squash and more.  I have actually known Ray for many years.  He is very laid back, unassuming man who takes pride in growing beautiful vegetables,   Ray has always been so helpful towards us here at The Farm.  We have always been able to count on him, especially if we needed something in a pinch. 

 The main crop Ray grows is okra, that is what carries him through the summer and into the Fall.   Many people know him as, The Okra Man.  His first crop of the year, however, is English Peas.  

I went out yesterday to see how his English Peas were coming along.  Ray's plants are an heirloom, non-GMO variety called Straight Arrow.  The cool weather we are experiencing is holding the plants back a bit.  They're not as big as I was hoping but we are anticipating having these available around St Patty's Day. 

One of the good things about the cool weather we are experiencing is there is less insect pressure on crops.  Therefore no need to use any pesticides.   If this cool but sunny weather we have been experiencing continues, Ray should have a high yielding crop of English Peas.  We are hopeful this will be a good year for farming. 

Spring peas are a favorite.  There is nothing like the taste of sweet English Pea freshly picked.   We hope you will come see us and check out Ray's delicious peas. Unforgettable raw or cooked.  We will post when they are actually available. 

This week's CSA:  

Spring onions ( arriving today) Alabama

Cabbage  Red and Green ( Alabama)

Green Beans (Florida

Red Potatoes( Florida)

Gold Potato ( Florida)

Collards  and Turnips( Alabama)

Broccoli ( Alabama)

Green Bell Pepper (Florida)

Eggplant ( Florida)

Grapefruit (Florida)

Peanuts ( Alabama)

Radishes  ( Alabama)

Oranges ( Florida) 

Carrots ( Alabama, Florida) 

Tomatoes ( Florida) 

Strawberries ( Florida)

 Thanks for looking.






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