Moo-Moo's Bakery Has Something for Everyone

One of the reasons why I love The Farm is I get to meet and surround my self with some amazing people.  They motivate me to be my best. This week I want to tell you about one of our producers, Moo-Moo's Bakery.  Moo-Moo ( AKA Mariah Morrison)  has known since she was a young girl that she wanted to grow up and own a bakery.   She started doing bake sales at 9 years old.  When she graduated high school she enrolled in a  culinary program, graduated and started her own online bakery. 

 She enjoys the creative outlet baking offers.  You are making something with your hands, it's a thoughtful process, especially when you are creating something special for someone or a special occasion.    The reaction and accolades have been priceless.  

  One of the things special about Moo-Moo is she wants everyone to be able to enjoy deserts without guilt.  She is an all scratch bakery and she  accommodates special diets.  She has studied and experimented with different ingredients so she can offer flavorful deserts for all types of dietary needs.  Non-GMO, diabetic, low-fat,  and vegan are among diets which she caters. 

We are proud to be offering her deliciousness here at the farm.  Moo-Moo often hangs out with us here over the weekends.   This past weekend she sold out!  We are so impressed and happy she is part of our Farmily.  Next time you shop with us be sure and look for her sumptuous treats. .  You can also check out her website, https://www.moomoosbakery.com/, for more about what she offers.  

We have more variety of local fruits and vegetables out of Florida and Alabama.  Here is what you might find in your CSA this week: 

Cabbage  Red and Green ( Alabama)

Green Beans (Florida

Red Potatoes( Florida)

Collards  and Turnips( Alabama)

Broccoli ( Alabama)

Green Bell Pepper (Florida)

Eggplant ( Florida)

Grapefruit (Florida)

Peanuts ( Alabama)

Radishes  ( Alabama)

Oranges ( Florida) 

Carrots ( Alabama, Florida) 

Tomatoes ( Florida) 

Strawberries ( Florida)

We are working on getting gold potatoes, star fruit, and spinach in this week out of Florida.  Strawberries will be finishing up by the end of March.  

Stay tuned for the latest items arriving locally, we will be updating our selection here each week.

Thanks for looking 









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