Our Hearts are Full

There is a lot to love here at The Farm.  Today is Valentine’s Day, and we celebrate the people we work with and our customers.  Farm life is long hours and hard work but surrounded by good people, we are inspired and never alone.

Everyone has special gifts and talents.  The Farm provides unique opportunities to show them off. I believe most folks would be very surprised to learn about how much is accomplished and what all is done under this one roof.

 Allow me to introduce you to one of these special people that make The Farm what it is.    Shell Edman is one of our newest farmhands, she has been with us for six months.  Shell is a student at Pensacola State College, majoring in Environmental Sciences.  She works here at The Farm and holds a full-time schedule at PSC. 

When you first meet Shell, you are quickly taken by here cheerful and positive demeanor.   She has a smile for everyone.  She is a creative soul with a passion for photography.   How perfect is that?   I had been looking for some assistance working with our website and social media.  I asked Shell if she would be interested in helping.  She said, “yes”.   

Shell works on the retail side of our market.  Part of her job description is displaying and reworking the fresh fruit and vegetables.  Arranging and taking pictures of the newest items arriving goes hand in hand with her job description.    With just a little direction and showing her some examples, she runs with the ball.    Her pictures are eye-catching.  With her help and mad skills, we are going to be able to post more pictures and do a better job of keeping our social media up to date for you. 

Today we opened @thefarmpensacola Instagram account.  We would like to invite you to start following along.  Keep checking back with us, we are excited to keep telling you more about our wonderful crew and let you know what’s new and available at The Farm. 


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