P&K Nursery

The weather is getting warmer, it's time for us to make our annual trip to P and K Nursery in Elberta, Alabama.


P and K nursery is a family run operation known for their beautiful hanging baskets and pesticide free milkweed plants. Pesticide free milkweed plants attract butterflies to your garden. P and K also provide us with large fern baskets.

Mom Paulett Schell and Daughter Kristy run the daily operation. Husband Richard helps with much of the heavy lifting. It is a family affair.


                               Allergy Season is upon us. Did you know...

If you are able to take two teaspoons of local raw honey a day for two months prior to allergy season, you can ward off many of your allergy symptoms. We have customers who swear by it.

We keep plenty of local raw wildflower honey on hand. Wildflower is recommended since it exposes our systems to a variety of plant pollens from our area. East Hill Honey, Morgan's Honey and Coastal Honey Farm keep us well supplied.


What's Florida Grown
Bell Peppers
Bibb Lettuce
Oyster Mushrooms
Lions Mane
Honey Bells
Peanuts (Raw)
Gold Potato
Snap Beans
Thank you for looking!!



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  • I’m enjoying your site. Especially about the micro greens. I hope to stop by soon. Thank you for sharing.


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