Peach of A Deal, Buying in Bulk

 Peach is such a wonderful flavor in Soda.  Today I opened a bottle of Romano’s Italian White Peach Soda.  It’s like drinking fresh squeezed sparking peach juice.  It is not too sweet and you definitely get that peach flavor profile.  It reminds me of grabbing a peach out of an ice bath and eating it on a hot day.   So refreshing.  Nothing like it.   I highly recommend trying Romano’s Italian White Peach. 


I have peaches on the brain right now.  They are suppose to be here right?  We do have some peaches on the way, and they are due this coming week.  If you recall, there was a late frost in early April over much of the South and it has held up the early peach crop.   When you get a late frost there is a concern for the blooms falling off the trees.   Many of the peach growers used wind machines to keep the flowering trees above freezing.  Some damage was sustained but indications are it is minimal. 


 This year we will be bringing in peaches from Chilton County,  Fort Valley Georgia and South Carolina.    The first ones available happen to be out of South Carolina.  We are expecting Chilton County and Fort Valley to be following suit in another week or week and a half.  There are some concerns it could be a short peach season.  I don’t think they really know until the peaches start ripening.   


We are anticipating our local blueberries from Walnut Hill the first week in June.   They may have a short season as well due to the late freeze in April . 


To allow you to be able to enjoy the goodness of these delectable fruits longer we would like to suggest buying in bulk and to freeze or can.   Buying in bulk is the most cost effective way to purchase these tasty seasonal fruits and veggies.   Many of our customers do not realize we offer case deals on items that are in season.   When produce is in season that is when the flavor is at its best  and we load up to get the best deals. 


 Our most popular item we sell by the case is our canning tomatoes.  Right now is a great time to get Florida grown tomatoes at their peak.  We currently sell them for $16.00 for a 25 #  case.  Canning tomatoes tend to be ripe and perfect for canning or freezing.    By preserving them you can have them readily available throughout the year.  It is worth looking into and learning about. 



For this Weeks CSA : 

Blueberries ( Florida) 
Broccoli ( Alabama) 
Carrots (Alabama)
Corn ( Florida)
Cabbage  ( Florida and Alabama)
Cucumbers ( Florida)
Kirby Cucumbers (Florida)
Grapefruit (Florida)
Orange (Florida)
Radishes ( Florida)
Green Beans ( Florida)
Mangoes (Florida)
Sweet Onions (Florida, Georgia)
English Peas (Alabama)
Spring Lettuces ( Alabama) 
Peppers ( Florida) 
Gold and Red Potato ( Florida)
Yellow Squash ( Florida)
Zucchini ( Florida)
Tomatoes ( Florida) 
Heirloom tomatoes
Watermelons( Florida)
Our first peaches of the season due in this coming Tuesday!!





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