A New Addition to the FARMily, Welcome Popcorn King

I was delighted when I learned that Pop Corn King, was going to be a permanent fixture every Sunday  here at The Farm.   Meet Bryan and Jamie Crowell, the proud owners of Popcorn King. Byran and Jamie love pop corn and they take this old time favorite of snacks to a whole new level. 

Like many people, I have fond memories of making and eating popcorn growing up.  However, I never thought that popcorn could come in so many creative and delicious flavors as Pop Corn King makes available.   Located here in Pensacola, Pop Corn King works around the clock producing 35 flavors of gourmet popcorn at their store/factory.    They are located next door to the Walmart Shopping Center on East Nine Mile Road. 

The flavors they produce range from sweet to savory. As well as combinations of salty, tangy, and spicy profiles.  There is sure to be something for everyone.  Here is a cross-section of flavors:  bacon cheddar, dill pickle,  watermelon, jalapeno, spicy buffalo,  cheesecake, Dr. Pepper, as well as more traditional caramel pecan, toffee almond and good ole buttery flavor.  

I should mention they are all ears if you have a new flavor profile in mind.  They created a butter beer popcorn for Pensacon.    Inspired by the Flying Cauldron Butter Beer, which we carry here at The Farm.  The duo picked up a few bottles of this popular soda and utilized it to produce this new  flavor. The possibilities are endless.   

Bryan and Jamie are dedicated to their craft and they enjoy people.  You will find one of them here at the Farm every Sunday.  Come by sample some of their unique flavors, and check them out.  We think you will be happy you did.  



Soon to come: Local Okra
Available for this week's Fresh From Florida Program and
Items You May Find Inside Your CSA Boxes


  Bibb Lettuce  (Wendt Farms)

  Live Salad for two ( Wendt Farms)

 Blueberries (Walnut Hill, Florida)  
 Butter Beans ( Walnut Hill, Florida)
Green Beans (Florida)

Corn ( Florida) Silver King and Bicolor

Cucumbers (Florida)

Eggplant ( Florida)

Peaches (Alabama)

Green Bell Peppers (Florida)

Green Snap Beans (Alabama)

Lychee ( Florida)

Red Potato ( Alabama)

Gold Potato (Alabama)

Microgreens (Pensacola)

Tomatoes (Florida)

Yellow Squash (Alabama)

Starfruit (Florida)

Zucchini (Alabama)

Watermelon (Florida)

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