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Have you ever wondered what we do on the days we are not open?? Many folks know we are closed on Monday and Tuesday. We do take some time for ourselves and our family. However, being closed on the weekdays also allows us to participate in cool projects.

For the past several months we have been honored to work with the American Heart Association and Mana Food Banks to provide nutritious food boxes for critically ill heart patients.

We work with a budget to provide nutritious produce boxes, Produce RX. Mana Food Banks participates by providing canned and dry goods. The American Heart Association makes these boxes available to local area heart patients at no cost to them.



This week we had volunteers from the Levin Law Firm. They helped sponsor this project with the American Heart Association.

The volunteers see first hand the quality and number of fresh fruits and vegetables being packed in each box. 



Pictured above, you likely recognize Sandy Veilleux. She is at The Farm taking care of the day to day operation. Standing next to Sandy is Inger Berg with the American Heart Association. She is part of the think tank that created this program. She did a great deal of work to bring this program to life. We are so pleased she contacted us here at The Farm. Her and Sandy worked diligently together. I am on the right, happy to be part of the support crew.

While visiting with Inger today I learned these boxes really do make a difference in patients lives. Inger explained to me that "food is medicine." Healthy foods give people the energy and stamina to maintain good health. Many of these patients don't have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Between medical visits and expenses, healthy food is not easy to afford. This program makes it accessable.

The American Heart Association tries to encourage everyone to eat healthy. It is the best preventative medacine. Most definitely something we should all take to heart. 

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