Sophie's PupCake Pantry

Sophie's Pup CakePantry is a great example of the entrepreneurial spirit.  Stephanie Barnes is the creator of Sophie's PupCake Pantry.   She is also an amazing pet parent to Sophie, her Great Dane. Stephanie has always looked toward a career in helping animals.  Her education and work have centered on animal care. Somehow this busy Mom, and small business owner also finds time to volunteer with the Pensacola Wildlife Sanctuary.

     Before Covid Stephanie had a thriving dog walking and pet sitting     business.  Like many people she found herself without work when the pandemic hit.   Fortunately, Stephanie got creative, and she recognized a niche market that wasn't being filled. She knew there were other dog parents out there who would appreciate having more options to give their dogs a healthy treat.                              

Stephanie's pup, Sophie, often looks to raid her pantry for treats. It got Stephanie thinking about healthy alternatives.  Hence Sophies PupCake Pantry was born. Sophie is her number one taste tester.




Sophie's PupCakes are handmade, small batch, quality dog treats. They contain no additives or preservatives and offer a healthy, safe and delicious alternative for conscientious pet owners. Stephanie uses a dehydrator to preserve the treats and it gives pups that nice crunch. These treats will hold three to six months if kept in a seeled container to maintain freshness.

Her recipes consist of simple ingredients like peanut butter, cheese, sweet potato, and bacon. She makes dog treats for pups of all sizes. Small, medium, up to extra Large.

Stephanie is expanding her line to pup cup cakes! These can be special ordered to celebrate pup birthdays or other special pup events.

We are proud sponsors here at The Farm of Sophie's PupCake Pantry. We look forward to seeing our furry friends each week. We often greet them with one of Sophie's Pup Treats upon their arrival.

We are hoping to have a Pup Up Market with Stephanie in the near future so people can learn more about her. Until then you can find her on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/sophiespupcakepantry/

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