Sunny Slope Blueberry Farm

Barry Rolin, Sunny Slope Blueberries out of Walnut Hill 
Every since we open  here at The Farm have we have always been able to count on Barry Rolin for his beautiful blueberries.  This year is no different.  Barry has 7 acres of blueberries and he tells us this year is an excellent crop. We anticipate being able to offer these delicious blues through mid July. 
We recommend coming in and buying enough of these blueberries to enjoy year round.   You will not find a better berry to put up and freeze.   They have been just picked and there is very little handling of the product.  You will notice the extraordinary flavor not mention how incredibly well they hold. 
Did you know that blueberries have a natural protective coating known as bloom?  You've probably noticed this somewhat cloudy coating on your blueberries.   Bloom naturally protects the berry against pest and bacteria.  It also is naturally nonstick.  
If you are freezing blueberries do not rinse before you freeze  or you will remove the bloom.  I find the simplest and most efficient way to freeze blueberries is on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.    
Freeze the berries in a single layer on the sheet so that they can freeze quickly and evenly. Once frozen, you can move them to a freezer-safe container with a lid for longer storage. I prefer to store the berries in a zip-top freezer bag so that I can stack several bags together and easily open the bag to remove just the right amount when needed. Remember to label and date the bag before storing. Frozen blueberries are best when used within six months, but can be stored for up to 1 year. 

By freezing your berries this way you will have individually frozen berries to toss in oatmeal all winter long.  This method for preserving berries in the freezer is easy and takes advantage of the blueberries’ natural coating.   You can rinse the berries as you use them from the freezer.  

I hope your find this helpful.



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