Suzanne's Garden

This past week while in route to visit Local Appetite, my eye was caught by this beautiful home garden. I had to stop and meet its caretaker, Suzanne.

She was out watering and surveying the progress of the vegetables she was growing. I introduced myself and I experienced her warm, welcoming southern hospitality. She gave me a tour of her vegetable garden. I saw tomatoes, celery, peppers, corn, green beans, strawberries, squash, zucchini, scuppernongs and variety of herbs. I was so taken with its beauty I had to take a few pictures to share. You would never know it but a little over a week ago, when we experienced the high winds, her garden was a mess. The corn was blown down to the ground. It was a great deal of work digging around the roots and mounding the dirt around each corn stalk. Suzanne got the stalks upright as you can see. Her garden is a labor of love.

She very excited about her celery and shared some with me. It was her first time growing it. The stalks are small, but the flavor is so intense and good. The crispness of fresh cut celery is hard to duplicate. I am inspired! Wouldn't it be great to offer potted celery plants in the market? We will have to investigate.


Suzanne cleverly utilizes cinderblocks to grow her herbs and a pallet homes her strawberries. I found it really interesting how well she organized her garden.

Suzanne invited me back.  I was so glad I stopped to smell the vegetables.  I really enjoyed meeting this amazing lady.  She has so much knowledge and enthusiasm.  I could learn a lot from her. 


This week at The Farm we are excited to be getting Florida Grown Watermelons. Yes, they are sweet!

Also arriving this week is local yellow squash Summerdale Alabama


What's in season:

 Green Bell Peppers Yellow squash zucchini   Blueberries     Cabbage     Carrots     Collards     Cucumbers     Local Eggs (Sunset Ranch, Milton)   Kale     Green Beans     Mushrooms     Peanuts     Potatoes     Tomatoes 


THANK YOU for looking.  

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  • I cannot wait to visit The Farm. You see, I am 68 years old and a Navy brat. Daddy and Mama are gone but memories are happy, many days we’d stop by to get vegetables…my favorite was a fresh dinner, no meat. Just another piece of cornbread!!
    See ya’ll soon! Granny Linda

    Linda M Solice "granny"

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