Sweet Breads Made by Sandy

Who is Sandy's, Sweet Bread? That would be Sandy Thomas of Robertsdale, Ala. Sandy is a favorite here at The Farm. People come in regularly to see if we have their favorite sweet bread in stock. Every week Sandy drops by twice with freshly baked bread. Sandy creates Banana Pineapple Nut, Persimmon Nut, Blueberry Nut, Zucchini Nut also Chocolate Zucchini Nut, and more. Sandy's signature bread is Persimmon Nut. Since she has several persimmon trees in her yard and access to local pecans.
She started out making batches of persimmon nut bread and giving it away. She noticed people really loved it and would often request more. In 2010 she unexpectedly found herself in need of a job. It was through the desire to find a new career that Sandy's Sweet Breads was born. 
Today Sandy finds herself in a good spot in life.  She credits the grace of God for getting her through the struggles of the early years of building your business and having the fortitude to stick with it.  She was a single mom balancing work and home.   Her daughter who helped out along the way is now grown and on her own.   Sandy has four wonderful employees who she considers family.   They are a team that loves what they do and who they do it with.  Work is a joy for Sandy's Sweet Breads. 
Sandy never goes anywhere without a smile, she is an inspiration. . We look forward to seeing her every week at The Farm. Our regulars know when she delivers.  


 Rain is causing difficulties getting to local product.  

  Coming Soon:  local Sugar Cane ( Baker Florida)


What's available this week @ The Farm:

Green Peanuts ( Jay, Florida)

Jumbo Green Peanuts ( Silver Hill, AL)

Peanuts, Raw and Roasted (Silver Hill, AL)

Hydroponic Lettuce, (Chumuckla. Fl)

Okra (Summerdale, Al)

Eggplant ( Walnut Hill)

Pickling Cucumbers ( Walnut Hill)

Red Potatoes (Alabama, Florida)

Tomatoes ( Sand Mountain, Al)

Local Milk ( Marianna, Florida)

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