Celebrating Mother's Day with The Hummus Lady and Her Protégé


This weekend I had the opportunity to visit to with Kelly Peraino, who you may know as " The Hummus Lady, and her daughter, Rose.  Kelly has a flourishing business.  Those of us who have enjoyed her product understand why.   Her hummus is simply among the best.  Kelly takes no short cuts, she uses fresh, high quality ingredients to produce her  traditional and unique savory flavors.  Roasted Grape with Jalapeno, Black Garlic, Citrus and Date with Spicy Walnuts, Chipotle and Cilantro, Roasted Red Pepper with Smoked Sea Salt..  I could go on but you get the idea.  She has very creative flavor profiles which people really enjoy eating.  Kelly is  very talented, a good business woman and a great mom.  Just ask Rose her little girl.


Rose and I enjoyed a chat this past Sunday.   She is seven years old and definitely her Mom’s girl.  This little Hummus lady has aspirations of growing up and playing a bigger role in her mom’s business.  She already helps her mom market her product by handing out samples.   She also participates in the production by putting on lids and adding the labels.  She even helps do the dishes.  We had better keep an eye on her.  I think  great things are in store.

 I  have to share Rose’s Favorite hummus,  it happens to be  Black Garlic Hummus.    In case you didn’t know  The Farm is the home of The Black Garlic Market who produces the black garlic for The Hummus Lady.   Mathew Brown and Sandy Veilleux, the producers of black garlic,  are particularly proud.   

Like so many Mothers, Kelly was attracted to having her own business so she could bring in income and still be available for her little girl.  She also liked the thought of Rose learning first hand that you can work hard building a business and balance enjoying the fruits of  life at the same time.  Mission accomplished in that department. 

It's not easy juggling everything as Mothers all know.  Kelly smartly networks with other mom's and they help each other balance career and home.   Kelly, you have all our admiration here at The Farm. 

We carry a full line of The Hummus Lady at The Farm.  In the very near future you will find it available on our website as well. 

The Farm has no shortage of amazing Mom's.  We will feature more of them down the road.  


Happy Mother's Day!!   We love you Mom.


For this Weeks CSA : 

Blueberries ( Florida) 
Broccoli ( Alabama) 
Carrots (Alabama)
Corn ( Florida)
Cabbage  ( Florida and Alabama)
Cucumbers ( Florida)
Kirby Cucumbers (Florida)
Grapefruit (Florida)
Orange (Florida)
Radishes ( Florida)
Green Beans ( Florida)
Mangoes (Florida)
Have a great  rest of the week!
Sweet Onions (Florida, Georgia)
English Peas (Alabama)
Spring Lettuces ( Alabama) 
Peppers ( Florida) 
Gold and Red Potato ( Florida)
Yellow Squash ( Florida)
Zucchini ( Florida)
Tomatoes ( Florida) 
Heirloom tomatoes
Watermelons( Florida)













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