The Soda Review


If you have been to The Farm you have noticed that we have a thing for old time vintage and handcrafted sodas.   Why is that?  Obviously  they sell well.  That is important but it's not the only reason.    We really enjoy breaking the ice with our customers and sharing what we love. 

Many of these sodas are produced by small bottlers who are passionate about their special elixirs.  Some are retro vintage sodas that are based on the original recipes and are still in glass bottles.   They are as great now as they were way back when.  These sodas bring smiles to young and old alike.  They bring people together. 

We would like to introduce our customers to a few of these bottlers and share their stories.  We look forward to having some special events.  We will be inviting our customers to help us rate and review these delectable drinks.  

Stop by get your fresh fruit and veggies and don't forget to check out our large selection of special sodas.  We bring in new flavors frequently and there is something for everyone.  Consider having your own soda social and break the ice with your friends and family.    We sell mixed cases, perfect for friends and family get togethers.  


Rain, rain please give us a break!   Lets think sunny thoughts.  

Rain is hampering farmers from harvesting.  Local product is not as plentiful due to so much rain.  


 Available this week:

Green Beans (Florida)

Corn ( Florida) Bicolor

Cucumbers (Florida)

Eggplant ( Florida)

Bibb Lettuce  (Wendt Farms)

Peaches (Alabama)

Green Bell Peppers (Herb and Pepper Farm)

Jalapeno ( Herb and Pepper Farm)

Green Snap Beans (Alabama)

Red Potato ( Alabama)

Gold Potato (Alabama)

Microgreens (Pensacola)

Tomatoes (Sand Mountain Tomatoes)

Yellow Squash (Alabama)

Zucchini (Alabama)

Watermelon (Florida)

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