The Spring Keeps Farmers on Their Toes

Meet Carl Stewart of Stewart Farms

Carl provides us with a number of local fruits and vegetables. Currently we have been getting all of our kale, carrots, collards. Soon he will have swiss chard available.

I spoke to Carl this morning and he is planting this week yellow squash, zucchini, and in a couple more weeks peppers and eggplant.

This year according to our Farmer's Almanac spring temperatures will be slow to warm up. Spring always keeps farmers on their toes. Cool temperatures slow down the growth of plants. It causes the crops to take longer to produce.
There is always the concern of a late frost. Generally, the ideal temperatures for vegetable plant growth are between 40°and 85°F.

It's quite the adventure for our farmers trying to judge the spring weather. We are thinking warm thoughts to send their way.

What do we have Grown Out of Florida:


Bell Pepper






Spring Onions

Oyster Mushroom

Lions Mane

Honey Bells

Peanuts (Raw)


Gold Potato

Snap Beans


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