The Start of Fall




It was a long hot summer. Finally the temperatures are backing off slightly. We are starting to see a break in the rain. It is the start of Fall and this coming week we are making our annual trip to the Farmers Market in Birmingham, Alabama. We enjoy getting to see the same friendly faces each year and we pick up our first load of pumpkins, and check out all the local items being offered by 40 or so local farmers. This is a large market where you better show up early. We generally arrive between 2 am and 3 am in the morning. There are many, small markets, such as ours, and peddlers coming through to get the best pick of the day. 

It may sound tiring but it is quite invigorating. For discovery junkies like me, your are jazzed by the huge selection of fresh picked items and there is always, an unexpected surprise or two along the way. We get to pick everything out by hand to ensure our customers are getting the best. 

Make it a date to come see us this coming week and check out our finds. 

I am sure some have noticed our website does not get updated as often as it did. I take full responsiblity. I simply have difficulty finding the time to devote to our website. On the other hand, our Facebook is managed by some very capable farm hands. They do a great job keeping customers abreast of whats new and in season. 

For these reasons we have decided to simplify our website. We are curtailing the online shopping feature. However, we are keep the news letter. I will continue to post as often as I can. People who are new to us can still see our prevous news letters and learn about us. 

I hope this does not disappoint too many. I don't beleive the shopping feature is representing us well. We are doing a much better job on Facebook.

I absolutely enjoy writng the newsletter and sharing with you. When time permits I will be  in touch. Thank you for all the kind words regarding The Farm News. It always brings a smile. 





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