This Week at The Farm

This week at the Farm we are getting more fresh Florida Strawberries in out of Plant City.  This was a popular item this past weekend, so we decided to continue promoting.  We are offering 3  quarts for  $5 .00 and one flat or 8 quarts for $12.00.

Also, local greens from Steve’s Farm as well as nice green cabbage will be here in time for the weekend.   Keep in mind that St Patty’s Day is around the corner where everything green is in fashion. 

​We still have nice Honeybell Tangerines and Pineapple oranges from around Lakeland, Florida.  If you haven't tried one yet ​you are missing out. 


Carl Stewart will be bringing us some local carrots with tops.  He also has some broccoli coming.  


We have plenty of local kale coming in from Ricky Durden's Farm.


Florida tomatoes are of good quality.  This week we have some gold grape tomatoes,  along with the red grape tomatoes.  Florida Roma tomatoes have been hard to get this week,  the price is up some on Roma tomatoes.  The rounds are more reasonably priced.  All taste great.  

​Before the weekend is done we will be getting some local hydroponic lettuces in through Local Appetite.  ​


  ​ I would like to take a moment to introduce you to ​Jan Bradley, ​you could say she is our​ Dog Ambassador here at The Farm.   We ​ all ​love our four-legged friends and enjoy getting to meet new ones.  Jan makes sure that we have plenty of ​ dog ​treats on hand​ and she always makes them feel welcome.  ​

Jan relocated located to Pensacola and came to work with us  2 years ago.  She is from Mississippi where she ran the produce department for a Family owned grocery store for 21 years. She brings that passion and sense of pride with everything she does here.  Jan really enjoys displaying and setting up the market in the morning.  There is an art to ​her​ madness.​  Check out her pick 5 display next time you are here.   It is a bundle of 5 different items handsomely priced for our customers.    I should also point out that she is a fan of our line of Sodas and has tried almost every one of them.  If you have any soda questions, Jan can help. 

After two years we are still so excited to have ​ foundsomeone with her expertise and ​knowledge​ ​of​ the produce business.   Jan is a force to keep up with and we have learned so much (I think) from each other.  We appreciate her and you will too. 

Have a wonderful week.  Thank you for looking. 

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