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Welcome to The Farm!! I'd like to take time out to introduce you to Olivia Walls.  Olivia is the person behind our chalkboard mural.  When you walk into our market you will see the largest chalkboard rendering Olivia has ever done.  It spans almost the full length of our market.   The mural is a collaborative effort with Olivia spearheading it and doing most of the drawing.  The mural helps us  welcome our customers to The Farm, it depicts Pensacola Landmarks while weaving in our farm specialties.  We are The Farm of Pensacola after all and proud of what we offer.   If you look at it closely you will see that Olivia shares our sense of humor and she has a real flair for lettering.  Check out strawberry jam pic in the upper right corner. LOL. She has been making these themed chalkboards since 2012.  
Olivia also makes some of the hand-crafted items in our market.  She enjoys crocheting and makes hairbands, beanie caps, scrubby pads and much more.  Can you believe she is self taught and has been doing this for family and friends for only the past two years?   That's amazing!  I enjoy wearing and using these items.  I can tell you they are well made. When it comes to the hair bands they are the only ones I wear because I really prefer them. 
Local cabbage out of Baldwin and Escambia County is arriving and we will have a good supply of it into April.   Cabbage is so delicious cooked this time of year.   I want to reintroduce Duch's Spicy Stir Fry Cabbage Recipe.  It takes a little prep shredding the cabbage but it cooks up in minutes.  This time of year, while the weather is still cold, cooked cabbage is pure comfort food.  We will have copies of Duch's recipe and all the ingredients available at The Farm.   You can also preview this recipe on our Facebook.  
Lastly I also wanted to inform you of a few more items which we will have available in the upcoming week.  Local broccoli crowns, collard greens, and hoping to get in some local carrot with tops and  more yard eggs.  
                                                      We hope to see you this week at The Farm.  
                                                     Thanks for looking.

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  • Can we walk in the store or is it only online ordering?
    I would love to see your mural.

    Sheri Mason

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