Wendt Farm and Nursery

I had the best day visiting Wendt Farms and Nursery.  Myself and a couple of friends went to see  what they have in store for the summer.  Earl and William Wendt are a Father and Son team who work side by side on their 80 acre farm.  They along with other family members tend several crops and they operate their own market which is located on Chumukla Hwy.   

Farming is long hours and hard work. Working with family has it's challenges but the Wendt Family loves what they do and can't imagine doing anything else.  " I feel it's what we were placed on earth to do," William explained. 

My friends and I  had the enviable opportunity to pick and eat off the vine, the first tomatoes of the summer.    Truly nothing like it.  William I could tell was enjoying seeing our delight in the fruits of their labor.   Get ready to rock your taste buds.  We plan to be offering these homegrown tomatoes . They will be available in the coming week. 

 Besides showing us the customary crops they grow ( cantaloupes, peppers, peas, green beans, corn, tomatoes and perennials) William also let us in on some new items.  

This is their first year growing miniature sunflowers.  We were so thrilled to be the first customer to see these beauties. The supply is limited since this is their first time offering them.  This also will  be our first time presenting sunflowers at The Farm.  I believe they are going to be a hit.  They are available now at The Farm. 

 William has a sister-in-law , Angela Nowling, who  works on the farm and she does missionary work. Angela, is part of a  fourth generation farming family,  she  is very knowledgeable.  Currently she is spearheading their other new venture in growing leafy greens.  The family has built a new green house and they have dedicated it to hydroponics.  They intend to grow a variety of leafy greens and  donate 100% of their proceeds to their  church to help further the   missionary work that Angela is a part.   

 Below is a picture of their  "Live Salads for Two"  This is a new concept they are developing.   It features a blend of lettuces which will be packaged in a clamshell with the roots in tact.  Customers can simply cut the leaves  from the root and quickly  prepare a  healthy salads for two.  The lettuce blends consist of romaine, green and red leaf lettuces and arugula.  You can't beat the nutritional value and freshness of fresh cut greens. These items will be available in another week at our market.   Exciting stuff.  

Live salad for twoSalad

Thank you William for being so generous with your time showing us your family farm.  Thank your Dad too for putting up with us.  

This is a busy time of year for them.  It was a real honor and privilege.  

 Soon to come: Lettuce for two Salad Live Salad Blend
Available for this week's Fresh From Florida Program and
Items You May Find Inside Your CSA Boxes


  Bibb Lettuce (Local Appetite, AL)

Green Plums (Johnson Farms, AL)     
Green Beans (Florida)
Cabbage (Florida & Alabama)

Cantaloupe (Florida)

Carrots (Florida)

Cucumbers (Florida)

Grapefruit (Florida)

Oranges (Florida)

Peaches (Alabama)

Green Bell Peppers (Florida)

Green Snap Beans (Alabama)

Microgreens (Pensacola!)

Tomatoes (Florida)

Yellow Squash (Alabama)

Zucchini (Alabama)

Watermelon (Florida)









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