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Many of us are striving to eat healthier but getting to The Farm for "responsibly grown" produce is not always convenient. At The Farm Produce Market, we help provide you with the freshest fruits and vegetables and acquaint you with local farmers with whom we work throughout the year. For years we have been providing fresh fruits and vegetables, certified responsibly grown yard eggs, and local honey to many local restaurants in Pensacola, Florida, and surrounding areas. We now offer a pick up service available to all who live within the Pensacola, FL area and nearby zip codes of our market, through our website, thefarmofpensacola.com. In addition, to produce, we offer Amish Wedding items, local meats, and more. We also offer several favorites locally made small-batch items and our own signature "The Farm" salad dressings, salsas, and relishes. Through our website, thefarmofpensacola.com, we are able to inform our customers of items in season and their availability. At the beginning of each week, we forward an email to our subscribers regarding the current harvest. You will also have an opportunity to learn from some of our talented local Chefs. They will share helpful tips and favorite recipes to give you some fresh ideas. Please come join in the adventure, grow healthier, and perhaps a bit wiser with us at The Farm.
Florabama Farms in Pensacola, FL & Online
Barbara and Barrie Williams and Sandy Veilleux
The Farm was originally established in 1987 as Flora Bama Farms by the D’amico Family in the Bellview Community of Pensacola, Florida. Tony D’amico, along with his family grew the very successful market which featured Indian River Citrus, Sand Mountain Vine Ripe Tomatoes, and a variety of local vegetables grown in the panhandle. The open-air market was the original neighborhood market for the Bellview Community.

I recall going by the market and Tony, proudly, would offer me fresh-squeezed orange juice. At the time, I was a young sales representative for a produce distributor. I would go by the market to pick up local greens and peas for my clients.  On occasion, I would sell Tony or Paul, his son, some produce items through my company. I always enjoyed going to the outdoor market. Especially in the mornings. The crisp air and the smells of vine-ripened tomatoes and citrus just made you feel good. Who would have ever thought that many years later, myself along with my husband Barrie would join forces with Sandy Veilleux, the coolest pastry chef in town, to become the new proprietors of Flora Bama Farm of Pensacola now known as The Farm Produce Market!

When the three of us set out on this adventure on July 3, 2012, it was a bit daunting because the market had been closed for a year. There are now several chain grocery stores nearby, but we were none the less excited. We knew people missed their original neighborhood market. They missed having access to ultra-fresh produce, local meats, honey, eggs, Amish cheeses, and different kinds of butter, along with small-batch food items.

The market was also known to have been a great place to socialize with your neighbors, meet local farmers, and learn about your food. A tradition we want to carry on. We are fortunate to have Duchsa (everyone knows her as ” Duck”) with us to help us accomplish all this. Duck has been here almost since the beginning. She is full of energy and runs circles around all of us. She truly enjoys working with customers. She’s very knowledgeable, and a genuinely nice person. I must mention she is vegetarian, as well as an awesome cook. She likes it spicy and acquaints most who get to know her with the delights of Indian seasonings. We are so proud to have her as a friend.

 We are proud of the “little farmers market” that could. We want to invite you to come to visit us. We may be a little out of the way, but worth the trip.
Stop by the next time you are near.

Barbara J. Williams,
President, The Farm

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